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A company with a track record, capacity and support.

Headway Holding NYC is a company dedicated to developing brands for large clients around the world. Our development department constantly seeks to innovate to position itself at the forefront of the variable trend of the world market. The use of natural sweeteners such as Stevia, in a gradual replacement of saccharins or aspartame, the search for more natural products and packaging with less impact against the world ecology as well as practicality in use is a trend that implies being up to date. permanent search for better technologies.

Headway Holding | Nutritional supplement - Martín D´Agnese

Martín D´Agnese, global CEO of the firm, believes in the idea of ​​flexibility in the criteria to be able to get out of formats that go from being in vogue to being an impediment to development. The old monsters of the industry that survive, even do so, changing their name, their business system, or expanding the number of brands and variants to offer. Only the company that favors growth and development over the name of a brand or a production model is sustained.

Production models change, consumption trends change, human priorities change, and a management model can be revolutionary for a time and a drag shortly thereafter. A wide staff of managers and developers with independence to create immediate and creative responses, but at the same time working together as a team that uses criticism and permanent group debate as a decision-making method, is one of the great merits of the business.

Private labels and brands developed for other groups and companies are the lifeblood of Headway holding NYC. Development, formulation, production and image, are a chain of events that must be within a plan, without enough attention to just one of them, the other objectives will probably fail. Martín D´Agnese, recognized throughout the business world for his innovative and audacious characteristics, has developed more than 20 brands, all adapted to a specific segment, criteria and a particular business plan in each case.


The talent of our team is our greatest differential value

Headway Holding | Nutritional supplement - Stephany Ramirez

Stephany Ramirez

CEO of the project management area | She will be the one who will introduce you to our way of working and will adapt the business plan to your needs
Headway Holding | Nutritional supplement - María Govoni

María Govoni

CEO finance | The financial development of a flexible project adapted to each particular project, taking into account the business plan requires the strategic and financial vision of a CEO who has proven to be up to the task of projects that, thanks to her vision and management, arrive to the higher goals proposed by the business plan.

Adam Samuel

CEO NYC | EHe is our own brand sales manager for the United States and the United Kingdom.
Headway Holding | Nutritional supplement - Marcelo Papazian

Marcelo Papazian

Marcelo is our sales manager in the private label sector, for Latin America, where you will find all the support to market our wide range of products in local, specialized, online stores, and all points of sale that require a variety of items of different ranges, with a logistics system and price scale so that those who buy more and sell more have access to better discounts.

John Reed

CEO Silicon Valley | His main objective is the development of communication strategies based on the study of world market trends. A sales platform or a communicational dissemination platform can go from one social network or tool to another in very dynamic times. The sites and networks that concentrate world attention today may become others in just a few months. This implies a permanent analysis of world trends for each dissemination, sales, or marketing objective in a successful business plan.

Suplementos Nutricionales

We are committed to well-being and health, offering the highest quality and providing a natural balance


We develop brands and business models for each client.

How will we take your project to the highest goal?

  • We define together the audience segment and the requirements that a brand must meet to be attracted to your particular proposal among the others.
  • From the formulation of the product, through the flavorings and textures, to the packaging and the packaging system, it will adapt to the market that you want to address with the brand.
  • Options, alternatives, costs, image development, and all the options to support you in your project at every step will be presented at each team meeting.
  • Statistics, market studies and trends will be provided by Headway Holding so that your project is consolidated in the desired segment.
  • Each segment of the public has very clearly differentiated requirements, and we have to adapt all the details of the product and the costs to be able to lead that segment.

For each of these reasons, Headway Holding NYC has successfully developed more than 20 brands, which often target antagonistic and clearly differentiated audiences, and all managed to lead in the desired segment.

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